Main Activities

    • In July 2022, each week, Green Bud Co. Ltd. exports our products (both fresh and frozen) to our customers by air and sea methods. Some products exported this month include coconut, mango, dragonfruit, lemongrass, ginger, sugarcane, durian, frozen durian, frozen jackfruit, frozen longan… 
    • By the end of June 2022, Green Bud Co. focuses on standardizing the operation, improving staff capability, and increasing training and recruitment activities. Besides, Green Bud is also implementing an ERP-CRM system to support managing administrative activities, collaborating, and improving the productivity of the operation. 
    • In June 2022, Green Bud Co. Ltd. continue to export various fresh fruits to Japan, including durian, coconut, mango, lemongrass, dragon fruit, and litchi… Some Green Bud products appeared at the Tokyo fruits festival. This month, some frozen fruits are also exported, such as jackfruit and durian.
    • In the earlier week of May, Green Bud exported 2 new products to the European market (Germany), including mangosteen and litchi. Hope that more and more Vietnamese fruits will reach customers all over the world.
    • 25/04/2022: Green Bud registered and established the barcode system for all of our products. Now, customers can use scan and check applications to get information about our products, such as origin, package, and maintenance, user guide, using date…  
    • In earlier April 2022, Green Bud continues to export fresh durian to Japan (through Tan Son Nhat airport).
    • At the end of March 2022, Green Bud exported a 40ft container including fresh coconut, dragon fruits, and mango to Japan market.
    • 29/03/2022: Opening ceremony of Green Bud Co. Ltd. main office at BB14 Truong Son, W.15, D.10, HCMC.
    • 16/03/2022: Besides dragon fruit and durian, Green Bud also exports other Vietnamese agricultural products to Japan market in March 2022, including sugarcane, coconut, and lemongrass…
    • 21/02/2022: Visit the dragon fruit farm of Green Bud in Long An Province and the durian farm in Can Tho Province.
    • 28/01/2022: Start the lunar new year holidays and plan for activities after the Tet holidays (start working from 14/02/2022)
    • 26/01/2022: Export the 1st container of dragonfruit in 2022 to Japan
    • 24/01/2022: Export the 1st container of durian in 2022 to Japan 
    • 12/12/2021: Green Bud’s fruits (dragon fruit, durian) appeared at the Ueno festival in Tokyo, Japan. 
    • 15/10/2021: Plan for opening the main office (earlier of December) and plan for the marketing campaign in the new year season 2022.
    • 8/10/2021: Register digital signatures and electronic invoices.
    • 30/9/2021: Complete website with 2 main languages English and Vietnamese.
    • 27/9/2021: Receive certification for establishing Green Bud Co. Ltd.
    • 26/9/2021: Organize the first online meeting of key startup members of Green Bud Co. Ltd. through Google Meet.
    • 12/9/2021: Register the domain and hosting service for 

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