Some services provided by Green Bud Co., Ltd. is as follows:

Category Services
Counseling for studying and working in Japan
    • Counseling for study abroad (Japan) for high school,  apprentice, language school, university, summer courses…
    • Counseling for working abroad (engineer level) at Japan market.
    • Counseling for choosing major, schools, and career…
Language and Soft-skills training

(Online training courses)

    • English training courses
    • Japanese training courses
    • Soft-skill training courses, e.g.: office computing, interview answering, time managing, planning, communicating in the multi-cultural environment…
Logistics and warehouse services
    • Transportation services by air, by ship…
    • Counseling services for getting the quality certification of  Global Gap, Viet Gap criteria.
    • Intermediary services for import and export between Vietnam & other countries.
    • Warehouse services for agricultural products.
Personalized tourism services

(JV Solutions)

    • Combo tour services
    • Tour design according to group requirements
    • Healthcare Tourism
    • Other tourism, e.g. relatives visit, exchange activities…