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About Green Bud Co., Ltd.

Green Bud Co., Ltd. is an import/export company in agricultural products located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Established in 2021, the company focuses on various kinds of product and service, such as: fruits, juices, handicraft products, gifts, tourism service, oversea study and working consulting service, training service…

Our slogan is: “Cultivating Vietnamese Values”. Green Bud aims at bringing value to a greener society through outstanding services, high-quality products, and eco-friendly activities.

Dragonfruit farm of Green Bud

Comments of customer about Green Bud products

Comment of customer in Japan:

Durian of Green Bud is soft, delicious, and very good. I give a high score for the quality of Green Bud fresh durian. For me, Green Bud’s durian is number one in Japan“. 

Comment of a customer in Singapore:

“Frozen durian of Green Bud is very delicious, not so sweet, and as cool as ice cream. Very excellent! It changes my mind about frozen fruits. I think that the frozen durian of Green Bud is better than the fresh durian, and it could be kept for a long time. I will continue to buy Green Bud’s products and introduce them to my friends”

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Dragon Fruits (Red & White)

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