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Slogan: Cultivate Vietnamese Values
Office Address: BB14 Truong Son, W.15, D.10, HCMC, Viet Nam
Telephone: (84) 2838625013

Tax code: 0316963127


Green Bud aims at bringing value to a greener society through outstanding services, high-quality products, and eco-friendly activities.


To be the leading company in purchasing, production, and import-export agricultural products between Vietnam and the global market. Green Bud is going to apply digital transformation for providing products and services of excellent quality, always connected with vendors and customers in the digital economy.


Providing solutions in consulting, training, offering products and services of high quality and acceptable price in the following areas: 

– Wholesale & retailing in agricultural products, fruits from Vietnam and the world.
– Logistics service, transportation, and custom services for importing and exporting.
– Consulting services for studying and working abroad, focusing on the Japanese market.
– Training services in English, Japanese and soft skills.
– Tourism services for groups to Japan with flexible tour design.


– Strong QA-QC team, with professional services.
– Partnership with qualified farms, vendors, and manufacturing plans.
– Excellent quality products, FDA quality certification and acceptable price.
– Using modern technologies for processing, storing, and managing, such as: IQF freezing with Nitrogen, bar code/ QR code, ERP-CRM information system.
– Ensuring a quickly customs service at Japan site. 

Please download our brochure at this link: GreenBud_brochure_en.

We are glad to accompany and serve all of you!